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Research Cases

Research cases is not just an ontology or a set of technical standards, but a different philosophy for research: one that is designed to bring back the camaraderie and collaboration of bygone eras coupled with the potential of machine-based interactions and opportunities.

Research cases mark a fundamental shift in research thinking—a step away from traditional academic workflows to a world where anyone can participate in the process of research, at any point in the process.

Building blocks

Research Intent Ontology

The Research Intent Ontology is a machine vocabulary to partition research conceptually into cases, each case organized around a question. By explicitly capturing context, this approach enables iterative, real-time research and encourages open collaboration and inquiry throughout the research process.

Dynamic Machine Interfaces

We need ways for intelligent clients to uniformly and somewhat autonomously interact with servers, and we call these ways dynamic machine interfaces, to differentiate them from traditional application programming interfaces. DMIs use linked data and logical reasoning to function in the REST architectural style and enable dynamic machine interactions. We see the future of the Web made of clients that are more intelligent than the servers with which they interact, and where dynamic workflows take the place of manual rigamarole.