Systemic change

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The Scholarly Commons: a systems perspective
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Right now, the research system works in an extremely complex manner where pecking orders, legitimacy, memory building through proper archiving and bibliographic efforts and even communication :-) takes place. This is the given and we must start from there while, simultaneously conjuring up the right vision for the future. In short we must simultaneously have the right vision of the present and the right vision of the future to have a chance to chart the right course between now and the future. The word “right” occurs three times in this sentence and it points to the fundamental difficulty of the task. In fact it is daunting, but it should not discourage us.

Jean-Claude Guédon, in response to Stevan Harnad’s subversive proposal

This capstone session tries to connect the past and future visions of scholarship, using systems theory to provide a way forward. The goal of this session will be to find leverage points that could be used to intervene in the current system to affect change, so that ultimately, our ability to affect the world with greater light and understanding will be magnified.


A 30–45 minute workshop session.

This is part three of three workshop sessions. The first is The Scholarly Commons: a systems perspective of the past and present, and the second is The Scholarly Commons: systemic visions of the future. They could be done individually and stand-alone if needed, but would be best held sequentially.