The Scholarly Commons: a systems perspective

A creative workshop made of three parts that looks at scholarship and scholarly commons from a systems perspective. It reaches from the past to the future, and finishes with practical steps to get from here to there.

in Berlin, Germany, in conjunction with FORCE2017


A systems perspective of the past and present

In order to change the culture of scholarship, we first need to understand what that culture is. Through an interactive analysis of the past and present “systems” of scholarship, this session will help us to come to a better understanding of the complex system that we call “scholarship”.

Systemic visions of the future

Over the past two years, the Scholarly Commons Working Group has embarked on several efforts to gather thoughts and ideas for a collective vision of the Scholarly Commons. This session will contribute to this larger effort, specifically by reaching out to others that are working on efforts for the future of scholarly communications in some way, to see what we can learn by evaluating these prospective systems of scholarship.

Systemic change

This capstone session tries to connect the past and future visions of scholarship, using systems theory to provide a way forward. The goal of this session will be to find leverage points that could be used to intervene in the current system to affect change, so that ultimately, our ability to affect the world with greater light and understanding will be magnified.