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Our Solutions

Here are the collaborative solutions we’re building for the future of research. The core technologies we build on are generic and can bridge branches of knowledge. Our complete solutions are designed for specific branches of knowledge, because every branch has its own culture and vocabulary.

And that’s a good thing.

For Developers

Research Cases

Research cases is an open Web technology that models the basic unit of research. It’s the foundation of all of our research solutions.

For Researchers

Geungle: Open Research for Genealogy

Geungle is a platform for scholarly genealogical research, sometimes referred to as generational history. Its core is based on the genealogical research process. Its goal is to help do and share quality, transparent research that measures up to the genealogical proof standard.

For Leaders

Ready to lead your organization into the future? Whether you need just a little help or would like us to design a complete solution for you, we’ve got your back! Get in touch and share your ideas with us.