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An Open Approach

We’re not your run-of-the-mill, proprietary business. We’re here to help great research reach its potential. The right technology for research can amplify the efforts of great people everywhere to make the world a better place. We want to empower the researchers of the world, including ourselves, to solve their own problems and then reach out to lift others.

Depiction of Open Pentandra

Here are a few ways to help out:

Open Research

The future of research is open. Open research involves collaboration throughout the research process, not just at the end when conclusions are written. Better conclusions can be reached quicker when researchers from different backgrounds and locations work together in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

To do this we need ways to open up and preserve the research process. Transparency throughout the research process allows other researchers to assess the true nature and caliber of a research project and even build on top of it. So much more progress is possible when research is done this way.

This video is from a project on RocketHub led by Daniel Mietchen and provides a great overview of Open Research.
The Future of Research

Open Source

Open-source software is software whose source code is freely available to the public, enabling the use, reuse, and improvement of that code. It also refers to a culture of collaborative development. We are supporters of open-source software. Our entire infrastructure is built upon it. We plan to contribute much of our source code to the community. We hope that others will benefit from this code and contribute back.

Pentandra on GitHub

Open Business

We are in business to help make research easier. We figure if we are not doing that, we are doing something wrong. It is more likely that we will get it right if we learn from the principles of open research and open source and involve the community in our business development. Many in the community may have more experience or different perspectives than we do. It would be foolish to ignore this wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experience as we try to meet the needs of that community. Just like no man is an island, a business that isolates itself from its customers can’t effectively give them what they need or want.

We have a vision for the future of research. We are more likely to attain that vision by opening the doors of knowledge, communication, and understanding between us and the community than by maintaining tight-lipped corporate secrecy.

It’s an experiment. We don’t know how well it will work, but we think it will be great! No specific resume is required. ;) Please come and get involved!

How Do You Want to Help?