We’re Back

Life carries the constant the intrigue of twists and turns through the ever-present opportunity for change. Each twist that presents itself has the potential to make us stronger. That strengthening experience can be as brutal as the most intense strength training any physical trainer ever imagined. Sometimes strength builds slowly, more slowly than we wish. Other times it builds so quickly that it leave us unprepared for the rapid change. Either way, in the end we can look back knowing that we are changed by the adventure of life.

We have had some unexpected strength building in our lives of late. Just like in the gym, it doesn’t really matter what exercises you used to get the results you wanted. The same holds true in terms of life strength building as well. What built the strength is less important than what you do with the strength once you have it. I am not here right now to share all of the twists we have experienced of late. The specific details of our strength training are not the important part. Using that strength to accomplish more than we could have before is what matters as we move forward.

I hope that no one reads any feelings of conceit into my admission of our newly developed strength. If anything, with this kind of strength training, humility is one of the greatest strengthening influences. Fortunately we have the clear understanding that we cannot do everything on our own. We feel incredible gratitude to amazing mentors, creative geniuses, benefactors, and innovators that influence us on a daily basis. A current example: Chris was just introducing me to yet another innovation—the gift of someone else’s creative talent. This unexpected source of technical knowledge will be such a blessing in our development process. Every time we run into a blockade that seems impenetrable for the two of us, something else seems to come along and we are able to make the next step forward with confidence. It may not appear to be the fastest method ever, and yet, it feels like a break-neck pace to simply keep up with those pieces that are coming together moment by moment. Plus, what we are seeing come together is truly inspiring to us both.

For those that have been cheering us on, you are no doubt thinking that it would be great if the pace picked up a bit. Allow me to say, we do too. At least we wish that Geungle was already completed and ready for you. The process of building and designing truly from the ground up is surely not an exercise in instant gratification. That is especially true when we occasionally have to step back and dig some additional foundation before moving forward with the “ground up” part. However, we both recognize that if we attempt to force things together unnaturally, we will be doing everyone involved a disservice. We appreciate all the patient support and encouragement we receive! It is a valued blessing for us. We hope and truly believe that what is developing will be worth the wait and the patience.